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Visit Parkside and find out why our motto is "Small but Strong!"

Parkside Borough Council wants to welcome you to our website. As you browse through the site, you will find a wealth of information on Parkside's history and the various services provided by the Borough government. We in Parkside are very with the active community spirit and the friendly atmosphere that abound.

Parkside Borough Council

22 East Elbon Road
Parkside, PA 19015

610-876-6641 (Fax)

Questions, concerns, or requests please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





Total hours = 1 hour AM, 1 ½ hour LUNCH, 1 hour PM

When school is in session.   $10.98/hour

Must be an adult and able to pass a background check.


Please contact Chief Egan at 610-876-0249 or Linda at 610-876-3659


2014 Trash Information


To All Residents:

            Starting with the Heavy Trash pickup on January 29th, all mattresses

            and box springs must be wrapped in either a plastic mattress bag or

            wrapped in a plastic tarp, secured with a type of tape.   This is

            now requested to prevent the spread of any type of contamination

            to our haulers or other residents.   Thank you for your cooperation in

            this matter.    


Parkside Borough Council


Parkside Fire Company

The Parkside Fire Company is looking for members!

Members = 18 years of age; Junior members = 16 years of age.

Parkside Fire Company is located about 5 miles south of Philadelphia in Delaware County Pennsylvania. We provide Fire & EMS protection for about 2,500 residents and small businesses in our Primary local and provide mutual aid to surrounding communities. We also provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) with full time Paramedics From Crozer Chester Medical Center. The Fire Department schedules its regular business on Tuesday evenings. Feel free to stop by on any Tuesday night at around 7:00 PM and speak with anyone of our members. We will be more than happy to show you around. The 1st and 4th Tuesday - fire drill night, The 2nd Tuesday - EMS drill night, The 3rd Tuesday - Company Meeting.

Want to be part of the team?.... Work hands on with a top notch medic unit or ride with an established RIT?.... Stop by today and pick up an application, we are always looking for new members.

Anyone interested please contact the Firehouse.

107 W. Roland Rd Parkside PA 19015 * phone: 610-872-6136 fax: 610-872-6159



Borough Permits Available

Borough Permits are now available on the website.  They can be found here. Or search for Permits.




New Trash Collection

Everyone should have received a little post card showing what the new trash and recycling will be for 2013.

The Schedule is as follows:

Regular Trash Pickup = Every Tuesday and Friday
Co-Mingle Recycle Pickup = 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each Month
Bulk Trash = Last Wednesday of each Month

As part of the new trash pickup contract you will notice that bulk trash collection is once a month again and we now have single stream recycling and it is a curb pickup.  To save costs for this you simply need to designate one of your trash cans for recycling by placing a recycle sticker on the can.  If you need another sticker you can stop by the Borough office to pick one up.  You will find that you can recycle as much as 60% of your trash now.  Anything plastic with a recycling symbol on it can be recycled now and picked up curb side on the First and Third Wednesday's of the month.  Paper and carboard are to be recycled this way as well.  So if you have a large carboard box you can stuff it with other recyclables such as aluminum cans, and glass and leave that at the curb for pickup too.

If there are problems with any collection please email, call or stop by the Borough office with your street address.  We are using a new company for trash collection (B&L).  There may be missed houses at first near streets that border Upland and Brookhaven.  Please let us know so that we can make sure to contact B&L to correct the issue.

The single stream recycling will hopefully grow and save Parkside money and be responsible with our waste.  Less weight in the trash saves costs for us as the Delaware County Station (where all trash in DELCO is dumped for landfills) is now charging $33 per ton to take our trash.  Recycling will help lower our weight and cost over time as we get used to recycling.  Most families will see they can recycle as much as 60% of their trash now.

Read more: New Trash Collection


Junior Council Position

Borough Council is accepting letters of intent for the position of Junior Councilperson.

The candidate must be entering 11th or 12th grade and a Borough resident.  Council will review

the applications and interview each candidate.  

Please submit your letters of intent to the Borough Office or email them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Borough Activities

If you would like to use the Borough Hall for your next event, stop into the office during the hours of operation and pick up a form from Linda. There is a flat fee of $100.00 to use the borough hall, plus a $100.00 deposit which is refundable upon inspection of the facility. For any questions please feel free to call;  610-876-3659.

The following forms need to be filled out and signed:


Hall Usage and Hall Usage - Rules and Regulations



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Burning a Blue Light to Support Police on East Roland Road  


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